Which Types of Eyelash Extensions Are Right for You?

When shopping around for eyelash extensions, there are a few options to consider beforehand. Of course, you want to decide which style you want, such as classic, volume or mega volume. However, when you are looking for luxury eyelash extensions in McKinney, TX, you also want to research the different materials available. Here’s an overview of some popular choices.

Mink extensions

The most natural-looking of all the options available, real mink extensions are lightweight, soft and cruelty-free. Made by collecting the hairs lost when brushing a mink, these fibers are sterilized before they are crafted into luxury eyelash extensions in McKinney, TX. Since these hairs are so lightweight, multiple hairs can be added to a single eyelash to increase fullness, which results in what’s called volume lashes.

Yes, mink eyelash extensions are more expensive than other options, which is something to keep in mind when making your decision. Also, placing mink lashes takes longer than silk or acrylic extensions. The lashes made from mink hairs are incredibly delicate and must be handled with care by a skilled technician—otherwise, the fiber will snap. If you are in a rush and on a budget, you’ll likely want to look into other options for extensions.

Silk extensions

Silk eyelash extensions feel amazing against your skin because of the material used to make them, which is actually not silk. Using a synthetic material, these extensions are a very dark shade of black with a bit of luster, which means you do not need to apply mascara to look stunning. If you’re wanting a more natural look, you’ll want to opt for mink eyelash extensions over silk ones. However, if you want your lashes to really pop, go with the silk extensions. You won’t be sorry.

Synthetic acrylic extensions

Providing the most bang for your buck, acrylic lash extensions are the least expensive option available. At one end of the spectrum, you have the pricier, more natural-looking mink lashes, and at the other end are acrylic ones, which are more budget-friendly but not nearly as realistic. Depending on your natural lashes, you might not be able to get acrylic extensions because your existing lashes can’t support their weight. These extensions are made from heavier-weight synthetic material that can feel coarse or itchy against your face, especially if you have sensitive skin.

If you are ready to get luxury eyelash extensions in McKinney, TX, make sure to find a salon that employs fully-licensed technicians with years of experience. You want to work with someone who is familiar with all of the different extension types so they can help you determine what is best for you and the look you are wanting to achieve. You also want to find a salon that offers membership packages so you can maintain your eyelash extensions over time.

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