How Often Should I Get a Facial?

The answer to this question is a broad one: it depends. Sometimes, it depends on your skin condition, and other times, life matters like time and budget factor into it. The point of a facial is to make it a cleansing and enjoyable experience and not cause additional stress by overdoing it. Many people try our facials and want to book appointments every week, but that is often not beneficial. You should enjoy facials, but also be smart about them. Here are three factors that should impact the type and frequency of facials in McKinney, TX:

  • Skin temperament: Facials are often personal to the client. The benefits of a facial depend on the condition of your skin and any issues you wish to address. The general rule for skin that moves through its life cycle in a normal fashion is one a month or every three to four weeks. If your skin is already in good condition, this helps it stay that way so your complexion remains glowing and toned. That is enough to keep you looking great all month long.
  • Vulnerability to acne: When you want to address specific conditions, we change our approach. If breakouts and irritation are your way of life, your skin likely requires a little extra help. Oily or acne-prone skin often arises from larger pores that can make maintaining moisture and cleaning out dirt and toxins difficult. These cases require more deep cleansing, and bumping up your facial schedule to every two to three weeks will likely lead to improvement. While you may experience irritation at first, your skin will heal as the issues are neutralized. As your skin calms down, you can work down to a once-a-month schedule and enjoy better, healthier skin.
  • Budget: Sometimes the money does not cooperate with your skin care routine. Even a mini facial seems expensive if you are going through a time of reduced work schedules or other challenges. If you do not have the budget for monthly facials, consider coming in at least once a season. Humidity and sun lead to summer breakouts, while the colder air of winter causes dryness. A facial helps your skin balance out during these conditions and offers additional protection. Oftentimes, seasonal changes are the roughest on your complexion, and facials can help reduce those effects.

Clients frequently enjoy facials, and often see them as a means of stress relief as well as skin care. In these cases, they wish to receive facials as often as possible and wonder if it’s possible to have too much of a good thing.

Since facials often involve abrasive techniques, you should never receive them more frequently than every three weeks if you have normal skin. Otherwise, the facial will produce the opposite effect, and you may develop skin issues you never experienced in the past. Hire a licensed esthetician and follow their recommendations.

Lash by Sunny offers facials in McKinney, TX that can work with your schedule, budget and skin conditions. Call us to book a mini, deep cleansing or men’s facial today!

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