Experts Tell You Four Things You Need to Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

With all of the holiday parties and family gatherings taking place in the month of December, there is no better time than now to treat yourself and refresh your look with eyelash extensions. If you have not had eyelash extensions before, however, there are a few things you should know about how to pick the right ones, and how to extend their durability for as long as possible. Fortunately, your local eyelash refill experts in McKinney, TX are here to tell you about four important things you need to know before your first application:

  • Selecting your lashes: Before you can have your eyelash extensions applied, you will need to know what type of look you want to achieve. Mink lashes are fluttery and light, while classic lashes are thicker and darker. You will also have to choose how straight you want your lash extensions to be, with the letters J, C, B and D representing the varying amounts of curliness (J being the straightest, and D the curliest).
  • Application: Because everyone’s skin is different, it is best to do a patch test with the eyelash extension glue before it is applied to your eyelids, making sure you don’t have any allergies that may cause irritation or swelling. You should also make sure to strategically schedule your appointment, because when an eyelash application is done correctly, the process can take at least an hour, and you won’t be able to apply any makeup or water for 24 hours.
  • Adjusting your makeup routine: In order to maintain and ensure the longevity of your extensions, you will likely have to make some adjustments to your normal makeup routine. The oil that is in most facial cleansers can break down the glue that is used to apply your lashes and cause it to become ineffective prematurely, so you will first need to find an oil-free wash for your face. Additionally, because you won’t be able to rub your lashes, the removal of eye makeup will be particularly challenging. Avoid using heavy amounts of eye shadow, and apply eye liner sparingly so that you are able to remove it easily at the end of the day without a struggle.
  • Protecting your natural lashes: To keep your natural eyelashes protected, stay away from picking at or rubbing your extensions as they begin to age. Brushing your lashes daily and washing them at least once a week with a special lash cleanser will help to extend the life of your lashes, and will help you avoid excessive touching by keeping your lashes fresher longer.

Selecting the right set of luxurious extensions, along with a professional application, are key to perfecting the right look. That’s where the experienced master lash artists at Lash by Sunny can help. Whether you’re getting extensions for the first time, or you’ve been wearing them for a while and need eyelash refills in McKinney, TX, we are the team to call for exceptional results. We also have all of the proven products you need to maintain the upkeep of your extensions for maximum longevity. For eyelash extensions that you can’t help but fall in love with, call us today to schedule a visit.

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