Why Is Lash Extension Aftercare So Important?

Whether you’re thinking about getting eyelash extensions or you’re an old pro, you might not realize how important lash aftercare is. It just makes sense, though—if you’re going to spend money and hours of your time getting extensions, you want to make them last as long as possible.

Of course, you can always talk to our certified lash extension specialists at your next Lash by Sunny appointment, but if you’re in between visits or haven’t tried volume lashes in McKinney, TX before, here are the top reasons why eyelash extension aftercare is crucial for preserving both your eyelashes and your ocular health:

  • Clean lashes are healthy lashes: Lash extensions are adhered to your own individual natural lashes, which means when one of them falls out, so does the extension. You might be tempted to avoid washing your face and eyelashes because of this, but that’s actually counterproductive—clean lashes are healthy lashes. In fact, dirt, oil and makeup are the biggest causes of eyelash extension glue breaking and falling out. Make sure to gently wash your lash extensions every day.
  • Blepharitis is to be avoided at all costs: What’s blepharitis, you ask? Well, it’s an inflammation of the eyelid when the tiny oil glands near your eyelash base get clogged. It’s not a pretty look, and what’s worse, it can be incredibly painful. If you’re suffering from blepharitis, you cannot get eyelash extensions or fills, and any lash specialist worth their salt will turn you away. That’s because the risk of contamination is too great, and not only do we not want to unintentionally harm any other clients, no one can afford to. Have no fear—once you’re healed, we’ll be happy to serve you!
  • Fluff Guard is dry shampoo for your lashes: Fluff Guard is a product that helps remove or hide the fact that you just got eyeshadow powder all over your top lashes, making them look dirty or pale. All you do is spray it on a brush, after you’ve finished the rest of your eye makeup, and then swipe it over the part of your lashes where the makeup landed. Your lashes will look dark and lush once again, and it will get rid of all that makeup debris that ruins your look.

With simple care, your lash extensions will last a long time—and protect your eye and eyelid health, too.

Get volume lashes in McKinney, TX

When you’re ready to take the eyelash extension plunge, Lash by Sunny is here to serve you. Our lash artists are certified applicators of eyelash extensions, which include the Xtreme Lashes line. All of our lash artists have either a cosmetology, esthetician or eyelash extension specialty license, issued by the state of Texas, along with years of experience in the art. We only use the highest quality products and provide a clean and comfortable environment for all of our guests. You’ll get the finest volume lashes available in McKinney, TX. Get in touch with us today to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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